Aluminum Innovation

Aluminum with ‘art’
absolute strong player in parts of electronics and automobiles

  • Refrigerator and others
  • We manufacture refrigerator door handle and other parts for home appliances and increase aesthetic impression by realizing solid color and various colors such as color gradation and so on at the aluminum with the texture of sanding and hairline.
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • It is a aluminum extension pipe with lightweight and possible to adjust the length meets service environment and physical condition.
  • Automobile
  • We manufacture exterior parts for automobile such as crossbar, roof rack pipe, sidestep and so on which are lightweight and strong to scratch.
  • Clothing equipment
  • We manufacture the handle and parts for home appliances professional for clothes managing the clothes as clean and pleasant.

Manufacturer specialized for aluminum parts and home appliances

Eco-friendly company think about the environment, Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd.

Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd. is a company achieved unparalleled success in aluminum processing field and shows the product with the level more than customer's expectation with its continual R&D process and technical innovation.

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Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd. will be grown as the company a step ahead by realizing process improvement, zero faulty and technical innovation through its 3R5S.