Aluminum Innovation

Aluminum with‘art’
A leading company in aluminum processing Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd.


Aluminum with ‘art’ absolute strong player in parts of electronics and automobiles 「KWANGDONG HITECH CO., LTD.」

Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd.always advances by drastic innovations, executions, and technical developments.
Recently, home appliances are perceived as the important interiors like furniture. Hence, it became the important task to decide the design first and to realize it later.
Kwangdong Hitech Co., Ltd. a company that has achieved the unparalleled success in this field, launches the products beyond the customers’ expectation by seamless R&D and technical innovation. It is the company to be recognized in the global as well as domestic market in the manufacturing of aluminum exteriors and parts for electronics and automobiles.
Please watch us that advance splendidly by continuous business innovation, development of cutting-edge technology, and service innovation.